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A (Socially-Distanced) Summer Activity

Summer looks and feels a lot different this year. While businesses are beginning to open, many of us are still hesitant to go outside and visit with friends and family.

But that shouldn’t mean summer 2020 should be completely cancelled!

 While social distancing, there are plenty of hobbies and forms of entertainment to do. Skincare being our TEN out of TEN choice! But what’s a girl or boy to do besides buy a bunch of different products?

We’ve got the list of skincare fun for you!

  1. Perfect your a.m./p.m. routine. You may have a go-to routine you’ve always used for your skincare in the morning and at night. But how much research have you really done on it? Be honest. You may be missing out on a step or two that could make all the difference with your skin. For an in depth look at the TEN Babes morning routine, check out our blog post: How Best To Spend Your Mornings. For night routines, you follow the same order of products, but can also add in your treatment gels and creams, too! For example, TEN’s Vitamin C Serum 20% is perfect for when you’ve had a little too much fun in the sun.
  2. Try DIY-ing it. Sometimes it’s fun to experiment! Making your own facemask or cream can be fun and challenging. It not only teaches you what to look for in professionally made products, but also how hard it is to create a wonderful and active skincare treatment! You can also learn what creams and serums you can mix together to learn how to make your skincare routines faster and more effective! For example, mixing our Hydrating Luxe Oil with a spritz of our Cucumber Watermelon Face Mist is not only refreshing, but will hydrate and tone at the same time!
  3. Mask + Bath. More “me” time! Take an evening to firm your pores with TEN’s Bamboo Charcoal Detox Mask, all while relaxing in a bath with a glass of wine and a good read.
  4. Face Massages Are A Thing. No, we don’t mean you need to beg your honey to rub your face. All you need is a Rose Quartz Facial Roller! These rollers have many different uses and routines associated with them. From simply de-puffing your face, to Lymphatic Draining, the possibilities in skincare are endless with this MUST HAVE tool!
  5. Scrub ‘Til Soft. Leave quarantine with skin so fine, they won’t even recognize you! Scrub away impurities and activate softness with the help of TEN’s Coconut Charcoal Body Scrub. Use a loofah to scrub away while in the shower or bath, then moisturize and refresh. Do this routine a couple times a week and you’ll notice the results!

Now sure where to get started? TEN Skyncare has various sets and kits to help you decide! These kits come with products you can use together to create a routine and skincare tools, making it even easier!


There’s more to do than sip on quaran-tini’s during 2020! Level up your skincare for 2021 and beyond!