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Beard Care for Badass Beardsmen

Maintaining a beard goes well beyond simply growing a beard. Once you’ve grown out your facial hair to the desired length, you need to keep it looking healthy and manageable. Fortunately, TEN Skyncarehas all you need to make the process of styling, maintaining, and shaping your beard seamless!


Hair is hair,whether it’s on top of your head or on your face—AKA, it needs to be washed. Washing your beard with a mild shampoo two to three times a week will keep your beard clean, prevent buildup of any sweat or excess oil, and keep it smelling good. The reason you want a more mild cleanse is to keep the skin around your beard hair clear of any clogging or acne. TEN’s Orange Ginger All-In-One Wash is the perfect product for washing your beard. Full of antioxidant power, this ultimate wash was made to cleanse, nourish, restore, and protect your hair and skin!


Beard Oil is a necessity to everyday beard management. That’s why it was a MUST in our Hairy Mess Grooming Kit. Our Babassu & Argan Infused Beard Oil will soften and hydrate your beard, along with the skin around it. This liquid gold is a blend of luxurious oils, including castor, avocado, and babassu, created to promote strong, healthy hair growth, and calm irritated or dehydrated skin. Applying a small amount of beard oil, mainly working through the roots, allows your beard to be shaped, shiny, and helps with styling. No one wants dead, dehydrated hair on their skin. Tame your beard like a pro!


What comes after hydrating with beard oil? Beard balm. Our Argan Oil Infused Beard Balm boasts natural waxes and oils, keeping coarse beard hair manageable and conditioned when shaping to face the day.Simply put, beard balm is a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes and makes styling your beard easier. Use our Lumberjack Eco-Friendly Grooming Comb included in our Hairy Mess Kit to style!

With a great beard comes great responsibility! Our Hairy Mess Kit contains our Babassu & Argan Infused Beard Oil, Argan Oil Infused Beard Balm, and a Lumberjack Eco-Friendly Grooming Comb.Tame the forest on your face, or buy it for your dad this Father’s Day! It’s the perfect gift for the bearded man in your life.