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Fall Skincare--Time to Switch Things Up!

Pumpkin spice lattes are back! It’s time to pull out your big sweaters and comfy jeans in transition for fall and winter. But your wardrobe isn’t the only thing you need to prepare. While displaying pumpkins and lighting candles, it’s best to start thinking about how your skincare routine needs to change during the upcoming months. 

Fall is the perfect transition period to winter, giving you enough time to really perfect your new cold-weathered skincare routine for the season.

Autumn brings cooler weather and a drop-in humidity, which means dry, stale air for even drier skin. Yikes! Mix this with all the heaters indoors trying to keep you warm, and it’s a set up for not just catching a cold, but irritants like eczema and itchy skin conditions.

*Dramatic Pause*.

 Don’t worry! We can save you from these terrible circumstances! While your overall skincare routine doesn’t necessarily need to change, your products and moisturizers within your every day use definitely need to. Check out these suggestions!

  1. CLEANSE WTHOUT OIL LOSS. TEN Skyncare will always support you when it comes to washing and cleansing your face—that’s always in style no matter the season. But in winter months, with the dry weather stripping your skin of essential, natural oils, it’s best to use a nourishing, milky and creamy cleanser, like TEN’s Nourishing Kale Cleanser. Unlike summertime when the heat creates excess oil, winter is a time to hydrate often and not worry about “too much”. Hydrate with every product you use!
  2. THICK, EVERY DAY MOISTURIZER. Apply it. Then apply some more. Then reapply it, again! Add a thick, rich moisturizer into your skincare routine, and continue to apply throughout the day. And we aren’t talking just your face—we mean face AND body. Check out TEN’s Hydrating Surge Face Cream and Honey L’Occitane Naturally Infused Body Cream for the perfect hydration duo.
  3. SERUM, SERUM, AND MORE SERUM. Serums add an extra mile of protection and hydration in skincare. Layering on our Hydrating Luxe Facial Oil will help replenish any lost moisture, giving you long-term plumper and smoother skin.
  4. CARRY LIP BALM EVERYWHERE YOU GO. No one wants to kiss cracked, chapped lips! And let’s be real, summer and winter months both put your lips at risk. That’s why within TEN’s OG products, we made sure to include a nourishing lip balm. It’s pomegranate flavored, too!

We hope you’re as excited for fall as we are! Once you’re prepared for the season, the rest is easy. Stay hydrated, friends!

Ready to shop for ultra-hydrating products this fall? Check out TEN Skyncare!