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Stay Safe While Having Fun in The Summer Sun

Summer is officially here! While we all love having our fun in the sun, summertime can also mean sun damage and aging to our skin.


So, what is sun damage?

The sun gives off ultraviolet light (UV) that damages your skin, with the most common affect seen immediately as a sunburn. Over time, these rays can lead to wrinkles, sunspots, dark spots, and more. With repeated sun damage, skin begins to dry-out and become leathery. Although your skin appears to be thicker, it’s actually weaker, and as a result, it will bruise more easily. Research shows that UV exposure caused by the sun is 80 percent of why skin ages. And of course, beyond all these smaller damages, too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, a serious threat.


While SPF is the most OBVIOUS go to and definitely a necessity, there are additional products and precautions you should be applying for extra protection.


What extra steps can be taken? We’re glad you asked!


  1. Staying out of sun is the best way to avoid sun damage. Clearly we don’t mean you have to become a hermit. Some Vitamin D can do wonders for your body and is a necessity! Just make sure you’re not overheating yourself, or standing directly in the sun all day every day. The middle of the day (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) is when the sun is at its strongest. And if you are outside a lot, make sure to constantly apply your SPF and wear protective clothing.
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more! Have you seen this trend when it comes to skincare? Just like applying SPF, you should be hydrating every day! Sunny or not, staying hydrated will work wonders for your skin—and we don’t just mean chugging water. We mean applying hydrating moisturizers and serums, too. Here’s a quick how-to:


  1. Remember, it’s not just the summer sun. The sun is out and about year round. Even if you don’t see it—it’s there. While you’re more vulnerable to sun damage in the summer, it doesn’t mean applying SPF and taking precautions shouldn’t be a daily thing. Remember, your skin is your largest organ. It’s going to represent you for a long time. So keep it safe!


TEN is all about being summertime fine. We just want you to be safe! Check out more of our ultra-hydrating ingredients!