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TEN Babes Tips to Surviving COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order

It’s safe to say we are all counting down the days until life will be normal again. Who knew we’d miss going into the office, sitting in traffic, and waiting in line to sit down at a restaurant so much?

Although we are in unknown territory, this is a great time to sit back and try new hobbies, or finally get around to doing the things we always complained we were “too busy” to do.

Looking for ways to stay entertained after (or during 😉) work? Take a look at our top-five entertainment list from the TEN babes!

  1. Skincare, duh.
    Have you ever seen the long list of skincare routines and practices on Pinterest and thought, I’m going to do that. I will be a skincare queen! But it takes a lot more time and energy than you expected. Well, now you have plenty of time! Use it for self-care. Clear up your skin and find the positives to staying at home. Get your routine down now, so when your full-time life comes back, it’ll just be added to your daily routine.
  2. Crafts, crafts, and more crafts!
    Get creative! There are so many different artistic hobbies to pick from during this time. Simply order your paints, threads, yarns, and kits online. From tie-dying to puzzles, these simple crafts can lead to hours of time-well-spent fun!
  3. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Chill
    If there was ever an acceptable time to binge watch your favorites series, it’s now. With so many different streaming apps to choose from, hours can fly by with exciting plots and twists.
  4. Speaking of Plots and Twists…
    Take breaks from staring at the screen and turn to the books you’ve never gotten to. With so many genres and lengths, novels are just as good as television.
  5. Exercise
    To go with skincare, self-care comes in various activities. Exercise is a great way to release stress and stay active, and it releases endorphins, ensuring you stay positive. Go for a walk (stay six feet away from others, plz), practice yoga, stream online pilates, and more! Just remember to stay safe and clean. After your shower, practice that skincare routine!

Ready to stay motivated and entertained while at home? Get TEN Skyncare today to get started!