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Why You Should Absolutely Try TEN’s Sample + Discovery Kit

We understand that skincare is personal. Why branch out when you have products and brands you trust and have used time and time again?

It’s nice to stick to our tried and true favorites, but sometimes we want to branch out. This can be scary if you’ve never tried a new brand before. You wonder, how will your skin react? Will it work?

If you want to try something new, but aren’t sure where to start and who to trust, we’ve got you covered.

Feeling curious about TEN Skyncare? We’ve created a Sample Kit and Discovery Kit, for those who are curious but anxious to try our products.

We truly care about your skin and don’t want you to be stuck with a product that you can’t use—that’ no fun!

Cue our Sample Kit and Discovery Kit!*

Created to allow YOU to try TEN products before fully committing to a full-sized product. Check them out!

Option #1: The Sample Kit

The Sample Kit lets you choose five mini-samples out of ten products for just $10 plus FREE shipping! Out of these ten options, you are given a face mask, face oil, lip treatment, cleanser, and face toner. All you have to do is pick and choose! After use, you’ll notice a glow and feel more comfortable with our full-sized bottles.

Sample Kit Options To Choose From:

Simply make your choice and try them out! To purchase or learn more about the available products in the kit, click below.



Option #2: The Discovery Kit

The Discovery Kit isn’t just for those who want to try out TEN products—it’s also for those who are fearless, confident, curious, and want the VIP access they deserve! TEN’s Discovery Kit changes product monthly, allowing you to try two different trail sizes, two sample sizes, and one not-yet-released product each month! By subscribing to the kit, you will receive the special discounted price of $20 plus FREE shipping, with just a three-month minimum commitment. With this power of trying TEN products first, you can send us your reviews, allowing you to help curate the TEN Skycare line. Not sure you’re ready to commit to three months? You can buy the kit as a one-time purchase for $25.

June’s Kit Includes:

Discover TEN Skyncare today!


Get ready to glow with TEN Skyncare! Our products may be the next step you need in your skincare routine.