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Red Clay Mask

Red Clay Mask

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It’s a Rouge Argile

French Red Clay gets its color from copper oxides contained in hematite iron rock. By harnessing the healing properties of this ancient beauty secret, you will be able to effectively remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and excess oil while gently cleansing your skin. Rich in kaolinite, illite, montmorillonitea, and calcite, it’s best suited for those with oily skin, combination skin, or normal skin. Not only does this treatment mask deeply purify your complexion, it also helps regulate excess sebum and clogged pores. In addition, mineral-rich Red Clay helps reduce the appearance of congestive pigmentation in problem areas where pimples previously formed and improves skin's texture.

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  • Skyn Application

    For a deeply cleansing face mask, combine one ounce of clay with three tablespoons of water or Aloe Vera juice. Then add two drops of your preferred face oil to form a paste. Apply this mixture to the skin and leave on for about 10 minutes. Wash it off with warm water. Floral water, like our Rose Water or Cucumber Melon Water, can also be used as a substitute. Use two to three times per week or as needed for optimal results.

  • Skyn Benefits

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    Clay Composition: