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Detox Starter Kit

Detox Starter Kit

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Fairly self-explanatory, oily skin means your sebaceous glands make too much sebum, a waxy, oil substance that protects and hydrates your skin, naturally. This leads to acne, clogged pores, a shiny-skin appearance, and more! In order to heal your skin and stop buildup, you must take care of your skin every day.

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Coconut Sugar Face Wash (1 oz): Coconut Sugar Face Wash: A healing and gentle foam enriched with plant extracts to soothe and protect the upper dermal layers, our Coconut Cleansing Face Wash is the ultimate cleansing experience! Aloe vera calms the skin while coconut oil derivatives gently wash away any negative environmental elements from daily living, giving you a fresh start! Gentle enough to use multiple times daily, it’s the perfect excuse to refresh and escape to a tropical paradise!
Cucumber + Tea Tree Toner (1oz): A toner that’s free of sulfates, petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, artificial colors, and is fragrance free? Impossible! NOT at Ten Skyncare! Spritz yourself with this super clean, organic face Ten Skyncare toner, formulated to target today’s most pervasive skin conditions and give you the kind complexion you’ve always wanted. Created with a witch hazel base, we combined it with four essential oils and two highly beneficial botanical extracts to give you a product that has immediate effect, no matter your skin type. No need to “add” this product to your skincare routine. You can use this toner at any time throughout the day for a refresh and glow up!
Rosehip Argan Facial Oil (0.5 oz): Our Rosehip Argan Facial Oil deeply nourishes and rejuvenates skin! Made especially for those with dry skin, the unique blend of rosehip, argan, and sea buckthorn oil fights free radical damage, plumps dehydrated lines, and softens the appearance of wrinkles. Brighten dark spots and get a radiant glow with the help of this TEN ESSENTIAL!
Hydrating Surge Face Crème (0.5 oz): Our advanced Hydrating Surge Face Crème provides an added level of protection and hydration. Ideally used as a layering treatment with other anti-aging serums and moisturizers, this ultra-rich crème can be used day or night as a hydrating product, protecting layers of skin from dryness. Made with natural ingredients like honeysuckle flower, this skincare formula is non-greasy, deeply penetrating, and leaves skin soft, smooth, and gorgeous! Hydration is more than just drinking water—it’s an entire routine and lifestyle!
Green Clay Mask (1oz): How well is your French? Bein? Wonderful! Ten Skyncare’s Green Clay comes from the sedimentation of silico-aluminum, and the oxides inside this rock causes the green color. A unique composition, the clay is composed of iron, silica, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, and titanium. From France, this green clay is prepared for the beauty and skincare market by a process of sun drying and crushing. After the clay has been mined, it’s spread in the sun to naturally remove excess water. Then, the clay is ground by large hydraulic crushers and micronized, or finely pulverized. The last stage in the process is a final sun drying to remove last traces of water. It’s bein for your skin! (1 oz)