An all-natural skincare and beauty line that features products that are simply good for you inside out. Our products are all non-toxic, natural and 100% cruelty free. Created for anyone who wants to simply be their best selves. We’re embracing the new way to look at your beauty products – YOU! With the ability to focus on customizing each of our products, we’ve created a product line that allows you to get exactly what you want out of your skincare products. Are you looking to hydrate your skin? Or increase your glow? Well, we want to know! We want to know what makes you feel like you!

At TEN Skyncare, we formulate our products with care, ensuring each one is organic, 100-percent pure, toxin-free, and made with no unnecessary additives. With high-performing antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils, each ingredient is specific and has a purpose—to create a natural glow for each person that uses our products!

TEN Skyncare founder, Karee Laing, believes following your passion is the key ingredient for success. As a busy entrepreneur, she knows how hard it is to find time for self-care. She created TEN Skyncare with the goal of making it easier for women and men alike to find healthy skincare items to use each day, without having to spend hours at a spa or searching for the right treatment and without overpaying.

What does TEN stand for? We want everyone to celebrate their strengths. To be confident! To know that you are always a TEN in your own skin. Being yourself, loving yourself, appreciating yourself, and being true to who you are is something we should all strive for.

Our team has created a powerful, no-nonsense line of gentle and soothing products that can turn anyone’s skin up to a TEN without the added expense or time that other brands can require.

Skincare rituals should be relaxing, refreshing, and allow you to walk confidently “in your skyn.” What we put on our skin is absorbed quickly, so it needs to be the good stuff. TEN Skyncare has all the right ingredients for successful results!